4 interior design tips to add instant spark to your home

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While most homeowners fear that designing a home interior comes at a hefty price, there are cost-effective ways to do it with some handy interior design tips. Perhaps you have guests coming over to your home, or there are potential investors, and you’d like to make a lasting first impression. Well, whatever the case, there’s no need to break your bank doing it. Instead, use some of these hamptons homes interior design tips to redesign your home in a way that makes an immediate impact.


The entrance, although underrated, sets the tone for the entire house design. Guests often take note of this space, clearly noting each item in place. Expert builders recommend making full use of your entrance space by placing useful items such as paintings, beautiful chairs, a painting, plant, or jacket hangers.

Strategically choosing and positioning any items within this area will help make a long-term impact on guests while still making fair use of unused space. And always avoid placing too large objects near the entrance as they tend to block the hallway path.


While painting your walls will shade grey or blue will make your home look subtle, it won’t attract any attention, let alone make a lasting impact. Instead, opt for vibrant colors and carefully select a matching pattern that you will use to bring your walls back to life. Add more creativity and style to your walls by incorporating wallpapers that ideally suit your home. For example, you can add an aesthetic value to the living room walls with nature-inspired wallpaper. Whichever design you choose to go with, always ensure it complements the critical house components such as the furniture.


Although plants offer us numerous benefits outside, their impact is more once you strategically position them in your home.

Apart from sucking all the toxic agents in the air, sharpening your focus, and improving breathability, green plants also add décor and splendor to the residence. Large plants, in particular, prove the best for indoors. Therefore, positioning one either by the foyer or in your living room will have an immediate impact on guests and friends.

Take care of your house plant by:

  • Choosing a suitable container
  • Using the right soil type
  • Regular watering (at least twice a week)
  • Ensuring proper lighting
  • Keeping the foliage clean


Art not only raises your house market value, but it also adds more appeal and has a longer-lasting impact on guests and or potential buyers. Finding meaningful art often helps in setting the color palette of your interior that complements the overall look. Invest in the more expressive pieces that are eye-catching and strategically place them in your home where all can see.

Although touted as expensive or needless, designing the interior of your home does have its benefits. Aside from boosting your home appeal, it also raises the monetary value significantly in the market. Begin to affordably re-design your interior by covering the hallway entrance, dressing the walls, installing large plants, and incorporating some artwork into your home.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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