5 styles for the best tummy flattening shapewear

What actual is tummy flattening Shapewear? A garment that not only assists you in the compression of your torso but also gives you a sexy figure, along with back support while reducing back pain. This is known and called Shapewear. It has become popular recently after a slew of celebrities are constantly using and endorsing them. Women have also slowly realized the magic behind certain celebrities and their coveted figures have been the result of shapewear. The dresses we only dreamed about wearing can now be worn using the right shapewear. There are also times when women have undergone certain types of surgery where their skin needs tightening, wearing shapewear has helped and aided substantially. Even wearing shapewear after delivery has been approved by doctors.

Shapewear comes in different styles from bodysuits to full body shaper and even active wear. You can choose yours according to requirement. So let us take a look at some of the best tummy flattening shapewear.


This is an ideal shapewear for an alluring figure as it comes with two hip pads that are a slightly perforated and give you comfort as well as shape. It ensures that your butt is lifted and that you can achieve your desired figure. Made up of nylon and spandex, it is very soft and a great material, friendly and cozy towards your skin and comfortable when you wear it.

tummy flattening shapewear
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An excellent and sexy product. This thong shapewear makes you look incredibly sexy. It’s a great choice for tummy flattening shapewear, also the added double layered fabric provides extra control on your tummy and also gives it shape. The added advantage is it prevents the accumulation of fat and does not roll or slip over. It is a sexy style and does not give any panty lines so it can accentuate your natural curves. The material is breathable and comfortable, making this a really great addition to your wardrobe.

tummy flattening shapewear
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Apart from best plus size shapewear we also have various slimming bodysuits that are perfect for elevating your curves. They provide exceptional tummy control as it contains 3 layers of fabric. It stretches over your hip and breast area, providing a flattening effect while accentuating your natural curves. A bodysuit is easy to wear and has wide shoulder straps and an adjustable hook and eye closure. This style of bodysuit can effortlessly elevate your hips and give you a great and covetable figure.

tummy control bodysuit
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This style is a great choice as it provides your booty a bit of boost and has adjustable straps which help prevent that dreaded rolling. The crotch has an open design making it easier for when nature calls. This type of bodysuit also features 3 layers in the abdomen. Making this another great choice for when you are looking for something sexy but with firm tummy control.

tummy flattening girdle
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This lace tummy control body shaper compresses your abdomen gladly, as the tummy section is controlled by 3 layers of fabric. This style also features an open crotch area for, once again, easier access for when nature calls. This style is comfortable with lace which helps to shape but can also be used as lingerie.

tummy flattening shapewear
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So, these are some of the great tummy flattening shapewear styles. If you are new to shapewear and are still feeling unsure, you should also check out a waist trainer before and after photos as well as reviews from shoppers to further explore and learn about other shoppers personal experiences. So go make your choice now at Feelin Girls!



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