how to be a more considerate neighbour

how to be a more considerate neighbour
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There’s nothing worse than an inconsiderate neighbour. Your life can be a living hell when your neighbours suck – and this is why you should always try to lead by example. If you’re a considerate neighbour, you won’t ruin other people’s lives. Also, there’s more chance of seeing considerate behaviour thrown back at you when you’re nice to others. 

What can you do to become a better neighbour? Nobody’s perfect, and you’re likely to do a few things now and then that the neighbours won’t love. However, if you follow some of the advice below, you should be a very considerate neighbour 90% of the time!


Noisy neighbours are probably the worst kind of neighbours. The annoying thing is, you can easily control how much noise you generate in the home. Firstly, getting your kids to be quiet is a good start. However, invest in some thicker windows and acoustic curtains to stop sounds generated inside your home from going out to the neighbours. If you want to go one step further, you can defend yourself against noise complaints with NoiseAware. It’s an interesting device that lets you know how loud you’re being and alerts you via an app. So, you know when you’re being a bit too raucous and should calm things down for the neighbour’s sake. 


Seeing as a garden is full of living things that can grow, it’s very easy for it to get out of hand. If you’re not careful, your grass can grow really long, weeds get everywhere, and you have a mess on your hands. Even worse, there are instances where your garden can overgrow into your neighbours garden. For example, trees or bushes start growing over the fence between your homes. Anything like this is an annoyance for your neighbour, especially as they can’t do anything about it. So, always keep your garden in check to show your neighbours that you care. They might not thank you for this, but they will appreciate that they don’t have to deal with overhanging tree branches or absurdly wild bushes. 


Last but not least, considerate neighbours let other neighbours know what’s happening before it’s happened. Imagine you are throwing a party, and you know it’s going to be quite noisy for this one evening. Or, what if you are planning some home renovations and will have construction workers around your house for weeks? In these scenarios, you should inform your neighbours in advance of the events. It keeps them in the loop, letting them prepare for the events. Again, they might not be totally happy with what’s going on, but they’ll appreciate being told beforehand. Inconsiderate neighbours do things without informing anyone else, meaning there’s no time to prepare. 

It really isn’t that challenging to be a considerate neighbour. To be honest, there’s no excuse for being an inconsiderate one. It’s plain rude and will lead to tension in the neighbourhood. Do what you can to be a good neighbour, and hopefully others will follow suit. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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