simple + effective ways to secure your home

effective ways to secure your home
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Although heist films feature cunning burglars who outwit the most advanced safety measures, your residence requires specific security measures for thwarting the Ocean’s team. It only takes little to no skill to succeed in a home robbery; as most will break in swiftly or a small few who can burst secure locks. Appropriate security measures can dissuade sophisticated burglaries and defeat opportunists. And you need not strain while installing your choice home security measures.

Here are some easy yet effective ways to secure your home.


When you move into a new home or if you have previously experienced a break-in, it warrants further security measures. The current locking system may compromise your home security as previous owners and their associates may have duplicate keys. In addition, you probably don’t know what they are capable of either. 

Some questions to ponder are if your locks are worn out? Or might there be extra keys hovering about with strangers? Is it possible to bump open any of the exterior locks easily? If you answered “yes” it is high time you replace them. It will prove wise to incorporate  mobile key-cutting services to work on your exterior and interior lock replacement. By doing so, your home will be more secure and you will have a spare key in case you misplace your key. If you have had a breakdown recently, replace the old locks with quality locks that can survive a big bang.


Nearly two-thirds of all burglaries involve a forceful intrusion, which is caused in part by defective locks and fittings. However, a few break-in through unlocked doors and the most determined burglars could simply bash in through a well-secured door. An effective ways to secure your home is to ensure your doors are as impenetrable as possible by avoiding a glass pane, especially near the door handle. Secure your residence by bolstering the strike on your locks where the locking bolt slips or replacing a default lock system.


Home invaders are always looking for an opportunity window. Therefore, ensure that your windows are always wound up tight and develop a habit of locking them each time you are not around and before heading to sleep. However a window lock will not always suffice – latches are often flimsy and will not withstand blunt force. It is especially wise to replace your window bars or dowels for safety reasons once they loosen. Ideally, keep your windows closed on basement and first floor areas.  


Engaging your neighbours is indeed the cheapest approach to your home security. Neighbours are most likely to alert you or the police if they notice something suspicious. Your neighbours should suspect your absence if there are stacked newspapers in your yard, advertising posters at your door, or even parcels on your porch and thus keep watch over your property. So it is wise to converse and develop a friendly relationship with your neighbour.


Quality efforts to your home security warrant a solid home security framework. Look for a system with products expertly installed and that can be frequently checked. If within budget, consider a tech-based security system, most are is certainly worth investing in considering advancements in technology. 

Securing your home should be fun, simple, and practical. It also does not hurt to splinter a little to acquire a security system. But whatever you decide you won’t regret the tranquility that comes with such safety measures.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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