taking steps for a more eco-friendly home

steps for a more eco-friendly home
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We’re all pretty good at taking care of our individual homes. But what about the bigger home, the one that we all share called planet Earth? The truth is that we haven’t been doing quite as well for planet earth as we could. Thankfully people are beginning to recognise that we need to do more. While the bulk of the changes will have to come from corporations, it’s also important that we’re all doing something on an individual basis too. While there are many things you can do, one of the best methods is to take steps for a more eco-friendly home. 

In this blog, we’ll look at some useful tips for making your home a bona fide eco-friendly place.


We should all be recycling. It takes next to no time and can have a dramatic impact on the earth. If you recycle a bottle, then it means that another bottle won’t have to be manufactured. Multiply that by all the items you use in your home, and you’ll see that you can make a pretty big difference. So the first step is to have different bins for different items (plastic, glass, paper, organic waste). Be aware of how you recycle, however. It’s important to rinse your plastics, for instance, otherwise they may not be recycled after collection.


If you’re lucky enough to have a yard, then you’ll have plenty of potential to reduce your carbon footprint and take steps for a more eco-friendly home. For example, you can think about setting up a vegetable garden. These are easier to get started than you might think, and can be a lot of fun! They’ll allow you to grow your own food, which means you won’t have to buy from the supermarket (because they’re likely to have been grown far away from your home). You can also look at collecting rainwater, which will further reduce your water usage too. 


You’re going to need products for your home if it’s going to run smoothly. That’s just obvious. But when steps for a more eco-friendly home, it’s important that you’re buying the right types of products for your property, ones that have minimal impact on the planet. There’s eco-friendly Liquid Hand Soap, among other household cleaning products that are good for the planet. Even things like toasters and microwaves can be good for the planet, if you buy them second-hand. Your furniture, too — indeed, furniture that has been upcycled is both better for the environment and your wallet, and all the while looking great too. 


Much of the damage that individuals do to the planet takes place in the kitchen. Why? Because consuming meat is terrible for the planet. There’s no avoiding it. It takes the equivalent of a month’s worth of showers to make one hamburger, for instance. While you don’t have to give up meat entirely, making some meat-less meals can make a big difference. Look up some delicious tofu, lentil, and chickpea recipes, and you’ll have some tasty planet-boosting recipes to make. There are also a variety of tasty plant-based meat alternatives. And who knows, you might just discover that you really don’t need meat to have a great meal.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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