6 key fashion trends to watch out for in 2021

key fashion trends for 2021
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2020 may have turned into an absolute dumpster fire of a year, and 2021 hasn’t started off that great either. But, as surprising as it is, people are getting bored of rolling about the place in their sweatpants. Fashion and style are making a comeback, even if it means only getting dressed up in the house. Here are some of the latest key fashion trends for 2021 that you will see popping up for this year and beyond.


There has been a massive shift over the last few years as people question where and how their clothes are made and come from. This includes turning their backs on clothes made with animal products. One of the key fashion trends for 2021 is vegan leather, which is popping up everywhere, including places like Moto Establishment who cater for motorbike riders. Lots of fashion houses are making the switch and it won’t be long before animal leather is a thing of the past.


You might remember doing this at school when it was too cool. We doubt you were allowed to do it but popping a hoodie under the school blazer to keep the heat in was common in the winter. Now, this clothing choice for comfort and protection from the cold is now considered a style statement. But now you can pair them with a pair of fitted jeans instead of your school skirt.


Long gone are the days of the heavy boot but people are still going crazy over the Chelsea, Tractor boot style. The difference can be felt in the weight of these boots as they can be a lot lighter than some of the older platform boots. The thicker sole provides added comfort if you are walking about all day, and the shapes on the bottom can provide some extra grip.


Brands are circling back around again and bringing back the big logos once again. Big logos on clothes were the big thing back in the 1990’s. It’s not surprising that 30 years later this trend is making a comeback. If this is already making a comeback, don’t be surprised if acid wash and crushed velvet start to appear again too.


Animal prints tend to come and go, and when they do appear they don’t last long. However, leopard print has become a fashion staple of the vintage clothing trend. And after last year’s success of Tiger King, we shouldn’t be shocked that our clothes are saluting the show that saved our sanity at the beginning of Covid-19. So grab that Tiger Print and consider yourself a cool cat or kitten.


For the last 10 years, skinny jeans have dominated the market. Even the humble boot cut was discarded in favour of super tight jeans. The pandemic has changed all that. After a year of living in sweatpants, we might be craving our jeans again but no one is prepared to wriggle into the skinny jeans again. Oversized and baggy jeans are the way forward, and the bigger the better! The only way they are allowed to be tight is the cuffs at the bottom to help stuff them into your boots. And any baggy style is acceptable as jeans are embracing comfort once again.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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