how to create a perfect summer wardrobe for 2021

perfect summer wardrobe for 2021
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Many people don’t seem to swap their wardrobe over for the seasons, which to me just sounds daft! After all, as spring merges into summer the likelihood that you will want clothes better suited to warmer weather is much higher. Also, if you bunch all your AW/SS clothes together it makes it way harder to find the pieces you are looking for and identify those matches that could elevate your style. The good news is you can find out all about how to craft the most perfect summer wardrobe for the 2021 season below. 


Before you even start to buy any new items for your perfect summer wardrobe for 2021,  there are a few tasks you need to complete. The first of these is to create enough space to allow your pieces to breathe, and primary this is done by both packing up your winter clothes and putting them away, as well as culling any pieces from your spring summer wardrobe that meet the following criteria: 


  • They no longer fit (and can be altered) 
  • You no longer like them 
  • You didn’t wear them all last SS season 


Ideally, you will pack up what you have left and add it to boxes or covered rails that can be stored until the next AW season. Although, if you find, like many of us, that space is at a premium in your home, you may wish to invest in some self storage instead. The benefits of which are that you can access your items 24/7, and ensure they stay in the best condition possible, rather than bunched up in the back of your wardrobe, which can lead to damage. 


Now you understand the groundwork you must do to perfect your SS2021 wardrobe, it’s time to consider the new pieces that you may wish to add. The first of these is denim and there is plenty of choices to pick from too. In particular denim skirts are big this season, especially in light blue stonewash. Think of a line 70s vibe with buttons running down the middle for maximum style. Alternatively, you may wish to update your summer wardrobe with some new jeans. High waisted ones are the best idea here, and you can play around with length, and style to see which suit you best 


Monotone cotton dresses with oversized puffed sleeves are massive this season. Opt for a midi or maxi length in cotton that will keep you cool, while also ensuring you look hot! In particular white and bright fuchsia pink are en vogue right now. 


Yes, even in the summer we need a little knitwear to keep us warm on those chillier days and nights. Of course, nothing heavy is desired here, instead, lightweight boxy crops, with oversized styling and Y2K references like floral embroideries are ideal here. 


Last of all the Y2K references are string when it comes to accessories for SS2021 too. Look out for bucket hats, chokers, and padded bum bags worn over the shoulder in place of a handbag for your 2021 summer look. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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