shopping trends to embrace in 2021

shopping trends to embrace in 2021
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The way we shop is changing. Even before the pandemic, new trends were emerging but lockdowns and restrictions have undoubtedly accelerated a shift towards different ways of updating our wardrobes. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the hot new ways and shopping trends to embrace in 2021. 


More and more people are eager to do their bit to protect the planet and attitudes are changing when it comes to buying clothes and experimenting with different trends. Renting clothing, particularly occasion-wear and wedding gowns, has become increasingly popular, and brands that support good causes and champion sustainability have also gained traction. If you’re looking for greener ways to freshen up your look, avoid fast fashion and look into hiring, recycling and buying vintage clothing and prioritising quality over quantity. It’s a great idea to have a capsule wardrobe you can add a couple of statement pieces to each season to update your style without buying a raft of new items. 


You might have noticed that consumers have all kinds of options when it comes to ordering and making a payment, especially if you’re a fan of online shopping. You can choose to spread the cost, pay later, use a credit or debit card, pay in cash or even look for companies accepting Bitcoin as currency. When paying for new clothes or accessories, shop around for the best deals, sign up to your favourite stores to receive discounts and offers and make sure you can afford your purchase before you hit the buy now button. 


Online sales soared during the early stages of the pandemic and this is a trend that looks set to dominate in the years to come. You can buy almost anything online now via websites and apps, and it’s possible to request next-day delivery on many items. Shopping online is convenient and quick, and it gives you an option to discover a much wider range of sites, brands and products than you’d find if you went to a shopping centre. 


Upcycling is a brilliant way to get creative and reduce waste. Rather than throwing old clothes or pieces you don’t really love anymore away, why not use your skills to customise the item and create a new look without splashing the cash? You can change the shape or fit of a top, cut down jeans into shorts or a skirt, add patches, badges or embellishments, add or remove sleeves or dye your clothes to breathe new life into them and tick off new trends. 

The way we shop has changed a lot from the days of going to a shopping centre and shopping trends to embrace in 2021 truly reflect this. We now have access to a huge range of products, we can buy items at the click of a button, we can hire amazing pieces and we can connect with brands that support charities or champion environmental initiatives. If you’re thinking about investing in new clothes or updating your look, why not embrace these shopping trends?



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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