4 simple ways to save money on your travels

save money on your travels
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Traveling is a wonderful experience, but it has the potential to leave a dent in your bank balance. So if you are looking for  some ideas to save money on your travels, check out these five simple tips. With the help of these, you’ll be able to create the perfect budget before you set off.


Want to find the best deals out there? Then you simply must take a look at price comparison apps. Using apps like Kayak you can compare the prices on hostels, hotels, transfers, flights, and more. Once you’ve made your bookings you can use the app to draw up an itinerary and access all your important docs. Skyscanner is another leading price comparison site, it’s popular for comparing flights, but you can also use it to compare cheap hotels.


If you’re seriously wanting to save money on your travels try to avoid the super touristy places and do things like a local. To help you out, check out a few of these apps:

Like Locals Personal City Guides: Using this app you can discover all the hidden gems in your chosen destination. The app includes free guided itineraries, all created by locals who know their stuff! You’ll find details of plenty of awesome things, from street art to bards, gardens, and strange landmarks.

With Locals: With the help of this app you can find your own personal and local tour guide. Here you’ll get lots of inexpensive tours, offering a non-touristy experience. Using With Locals you can find cool things to do, access reviews, a book your favorite local tours


If you’re looking to get away without overspending, consider a caravan trip or a camping holiday. When you take a caravan trip you can choose from so many stunning destinations across the globe. Caravan and camping parks usually have plenty of fun amenities, whether it’s swimming, fishing, or spots to go hiking. You’ll get to immerse yourself in nature and unwind. It’s simple to rent a caravan but if you’re a seasoned camper, you might prefer to check out caravans for sale.


Planning your travel itinerary? Then you’ll definitely want to find all the free activities. You don’t have to spend lots to have a great time. There’ll likely be beaches, museums, and national parks, and famous landmarks, depending on where you are headed. Once you’ve sussed out all the free activities make a list of cheap things to do. There might be inexpensive tours or wine tastings. Perhaps you’ll find flea markets to pick up some cool souvenirs? Researching before you head off is the key to saving money. When you’ve got plenty of ideas you can create a traveling schedule that will help to save.

Whether you’re looking for an Australian road trip or a jaunt around the UK there are plenty of awesome destinations to explore. Planning your trip beforehand will help you to stay on budget. Traveling doesn’t need to cost the earth if you have all the right hacks.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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