ideas for giving your homes exterior a facelift

ideas for giving your homes exterior a facelift
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The exterior of your home is the first thing that people see when they come to visit or simply drive past. It is also the place you call home, so it is crucial for you to like its outer as well as the interior. So if you feel like your place could do with some work, here are some ideas for giving your homes exterior a facelift.


A new roof can add value to your property. Roofs are typically the first thing people see when they come up and visit you, so if it is looking old or in need of repair – replace it! A new roof will not only improve curb appeal but also keep your home warmer during the winter months. In addition, by installing a new roof, you can add value to your property by making it look more inviting and homey.


If you have a front garden, you can improve it by adding some plants and flowers. It’s as easy as getting your hands dirty! You’ll find that the family will enjoy spending time in this space more often if there is something extra to look at – not to mention all of the wildlife that could benefit from these changes too. Just remember to keep your garden maintenance routine up with consistent watering and weeding.

If you’re looking to add more plants or flowers, but don’t have the time to keep them alive all year round, then consider planting seasonal ones that will die during the winter months. Another idea is adding rock gardens with exciting shapes if you want something other than traditional flower beds around your home.

If you have a garden or lawn space, consider adding landscaping. Landscaping is the process of designing and constructing outdoor spaces using natural materials such as plants, rocks, stone, mosses and soil to create an aesthetically pleasing design that complements your surrounding environment.


Painting the exterior of your home is not only a way to add curb appeal but also an investment and one of the most easy ideas for giving your homes exterior a facelift. A fresh coat of paint can make even the oldest looking house look like new again! To keep that “new” feeling alive for as long as possible, remember to brush away any peeling paint and not overwork yourself with heavy-duty tasks such as pressure washing or scrubbing windows. The last thing you want to do is damage what has been freshly painted. It’s essential to know all the risks associated with painting before starting your project because it could significantly increase its energy efficiency if not done correctly.


The garage is the place where we store our cars and other items that have to stay outside. It’s an integral part of the home but often neglected when it comes time to do renovations.

A new garage door can make the outside of your home more inviting by reflecting light and opening up a view to what’s inside, but it comes with pros and cons. It may be costlier than other exterior improvements like painting or adding plants, for example. But on the flip side, competitors in your neighbourhood are often upping their standards each year. And when there’s no longer any insulation between us and the cold weather (or hot summer!), you’ll probably start feeling less enthused about driving into this space every day – not to mention how poorly insulated your car will stay during these seasons too! The best thing is to get quotes from different companies and make a decision based on your budget. Remember that garage doors carry a heavy load, so it is important to keep their maintenance needs in mind. Here is a guide on how to fix a noisy garage door


If you are looking to make your home more inviting at night or brighten up a dark part of your yard, consider adding some outside illumination like porch lights or garden lanterns in addition to solar string lights around trees. Outdoor décor like this can give your home a beautiful mood.

The exterior of your home is one aspect that you should not underestimate the value it adds to a property. And your home’s curb appeal can make or break whether someone decides to make an offer on your home. It also affects the way you feel in the place you call home. Even though home facelifts could be pricey, remember that it adds value to your asset. As a result, your risk of losing money is relatively low.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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