3 unique ideas for proposing

unique ideas for proposing
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At some point in a relationship, you might consider proposing. Getting down on one knee at a romantic location is a little overdone and you might want to avoid it because of how obvious it is too. That said you might be pressed for any other ideas. After all, you’ll want to do something extra special to show your partner how much you love them. You might also want an interesting proposal story to tell people.

So if you’ve found the perfect engagement ring and unsure how to set the scene and feeling a little desperate because coming up with proposal ideas can be trickier than you would have thought. While you should always cater to what your partner will like, there are a few interesting and unique ideas for proposing that you can come up with.


If your partner is an animal lover and has a few pets, then it could be worth getting them involved. Doing so can make the proposal much cuter, especially if the pet is well-trained. It’ll also add much more sincerity and innocence to the proposal, which could help make it more romantic. Not only would this make it more interesting for your partner, but it’s a relatively unique story to tell friends and family.


If your partner is a fan of exploring, then a scavenger hunt might be one of the best proposal ideas you can use. You can have the hunt go around your house or neighbourhood, or even somewhere more romantic, depending on how adventurous you’re feeling. Having a custom engagement ring at the end of this can be a surprisingly effective way of proposing to your partner.


Sometimes, coming straight from the heart is one of the best proposal ideas you can have. Consider writing a love poem for your partner where you describe your feelings for them. If you or your partner are literary-inclined, then this could be an appropriate option. While this would take a little more time to prepare, it could be a romantic option. It’s also one of the more personal ways to propose, as you’re showing your partner your genuine emotions. The poem itself can also be a keepsake for years to come.

Unique ideas for proposing can be difficult to come up with. You can see multiple options on television and in the movies, although many of these can be overdone. You might want to avoid these, as your partner could see the proposal coming a mile away. Trying to incorporate any of the above is highly recommended. It’s worth getting creative with your idea, as this will help it stand out much more. When you’re doing so, however, you should keep your partner in mind. Will it be something they’ll enjoy and say yes to? If the answer isn’t ‘more than likely, yes,’ then you should try another idea.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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