ways to protect your home when travelling for extended periods

ways to protect your home
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When you plan on traveling for an extended period, it can be challenging to maintain your home and keep it safe. Whether you are working overseas or living in a different country, there may be times when you want to return home but cannot because of work commitments. If this is the case for you, then following these ways to protect your home will help protect your home while away.


Even a home equipped with security systems may not prevent the break-in if it’s on vacation. To protect your property, you can install wireless cameras and other available features at reasonable prices these days. Installing wireless security systems can be a cost-effective way to keep your home safe. 

It is crucial to use a security system that links to an app on your phone to notify you whenever a motion is detected while away from home. For example, burglars often don’t break in; instead, they’ll check first by looking through windows or doors before entering. This type of alarm notification attached to your security system can notify you immediately about what is happening at home even when you are not there. You may also want to consider a camera that has night vision and motion sensors built-in. These intelligent cameras are primarily for security because they connect directly into the cloud without requiring an additional device or software on your phone.

The benefits of using wireless technology instead of traditional wired devices are installing these cameras anywhere there is an internet connection. They do not require professional installation to get started. It is important to note that you should close roller shutters when you are traveling for long periods. It is an excellent way to keep your home safe without having to leave lights or other visible signs on all day and night.


Having a subtle camera set up for your home is a great way to monitor what’s going on at your place when you’re away. They can be as covert or blatant as you’d like them to be, but the important thing is that they’ll put you in control of knowing who comes and goes from your house while you’re not around. It means no more surprise packages being left on the doorstep by strangers! You don’t have to worry about whether an intruder made their way inside either because if they did, this camera system would catch it all. Start by having a camera that’s hidden inside of an object. 

For example, you can put your fake bookshelf near the main entrance and keep it propped open with a weight so that whenever someone opens the door, they’ll be sure to see it. Another idea is to set up one in front of your home behind some shrubs or other plants where no one would think to look for cameras. This way, no matter what angle people approach, the video will be captured without even knowing it!

One more thing this sort of system does is let you know if anyone has been going through your mail while you’re away because every time something new comes into the house – like a package from Amazon – your secret camera will catch it all. And if you’re paranoid and want to know absolutely everything that’s going on in your house, then use a camera with motion sensors. This way, when someone walks past the camera lens, this system will automatically snap photos without any input from you at all. You can even set up one by your front door so that every time someone rings the bell or knocks, your hidden security cameras will capture them too. The great thing about these systems is how easy you set them up. After downloading an app onto your phone where you’ll be able to access all your videos and pictures, you’ll be able to quickly set up your cameras – even when away from home!


These devices are a great ways to protect your home as they give the impression that you’re home when in fact, you aren’t. These devices can be anything from smart locks to video cameras and more. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and prices, so they’re perfect for everyone. 

You might worry about burglaries or break-ins, but these devices will help make sure your house is safe and secure while you’re away! They use motion sensors so they can detect any movement inside of your home. Once it sees someone moving around, it’ll send an alert straight to your phone!

It means if something does happen, you get an alert right away instead of waiting for the police to show up after everything’s already happened. It gives them more time to catch who did it, which is always good news too! The system uses different systems such as sending pictures from cameras or even starting recording, so there is less chance of anything getting missed. If you want to be safe, then these devices are the way to go!


Suppose you’re going on a trip that lasts longer than two weeks, set up a mail forwarding address through your ISP or domain registrar. Then have them forward all the emails sent to your primary email address along with any delivered packages. That way, you will not miss anything, and no one can use your home as an entry point while you’re away.

You now have a few ways to protect your home when you’re away from it for extended periods. First, you can make sure that someone else takes care of any pets, and if they aren’t able to take them, then try boarding them in a pet motel or kennel so they stay safe and sound during the day while you work. 

At least one person should be checking on your property each day, too, whether you or someone who lives nearby, such as an elderly neighbour (if possible), to ensure everything stays secure. Finally, keep up with all regular bills and insurance policies, so nothing falls through the cracks. It might seem like a lot of effort, but it’s worth it in the end when you return, and everything is as you left it.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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