budget friendly ways to update a living room

update a living room
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After you’ve lived in a home for a while, it’s not uncommon to want to update it a little bit. If you don’t have the budget to freshen up your entire house, you might be able to focus on a room. Since it could be where you’ll spend most of your time at home, your living room could be the one to concentrate on.

But you mightn’t know how to update a living room on a budget however. Countless other people have been in a similar position. That’s led to quite a few tips and tricks being developed. While not all will be to your tastes, there are a few that could be. And it is worth taking a look at a few budget-friendly ways to update your living room.


Having some indoor houseplants in your living room could be one of the more affordable ways to update a living room. There are multiple reasons for this, especially if you go for real plants. The greenery that they add will be one of the most obvious. There’s also the fact that they’ll improve the room’s air quality. That could be more beneficial than you’d think. Adding some houseplants will also be much more affordable than you think. Picking them up one by one could also be recommended.


Most of the time that you’ll spend in your living room will likely be in the evening and nighttime. You’ll want some privacy during this time. Installing some blinds on your windows will be the obvious way of doing so. If you already have some up, then it could be worth replacing them with something newer. If you’re updating the rest of the room, then this could be recommended. Picking something that complements the other colors in the room may be the right approach.


Gallery walls have withstood the test of time for quite a while. These are a recommended way to fill up any blank walls that you might have. While photos are typically used to do this, you could also go with prints, vinyl, and many other wall decorations. You should aim to have these either the same color or complementary ones. That’ll make the gallery wall stand out much more than it did before. Compared to a blank wall, it’ll have more of a positive impact on your living room than you’d expect.

It might take you a while to figure out how to update a living room on a budget. That’s not uncommon, as there are quite a few things to think about. When you’re implementing anything, it’s worth keeping the rest of the room in mind. Knowing how a certain addition will affect the rest of the room and whether or not this will be an actual improvement, it’s vital. It’s worth planning things out from the start and having a general theme in mind.

Armed with this, you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out how to update your living room.



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