the house move cheat sheet you didn’t know you needed

the house move cheat sheet
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Moving from one home to another is a big job. If only there was a house move cheat sheet to make the process more effortless? Because moving homes is not just something that you can do overnight. And if you have to, then may the odds be ever in your favour! Juggling all of the tasks that come with planning and executing a move to a new property is not easy in the slightest. You will be able to, with the right organisation get it done and be able to slide comfortably into your new house. 

Of course, not everyone has the mindset of a mover and not everyone is able to be as organised with life to keep everything moving smoothly. That doesn’t mean that you can’t move to a new house and enjoy the process. As long as you do your research into self storage, moving companies, box manufacturers and more, you will be able to make this move a careful, clever decision for your home.

So below we’ve put together the house move cheat sheet and set it as a list of things that you could be doing to make moving easier, and this will be the cheat sheet that you didn’t know that you needed in the first place.


  1. Look into moving apps on your phone. There are apps out there for checklisting, for moving companies to give you quotes on the work that they can do for you, for companies that can quote you for shipping long term. There are a lot of apps out there that can help you with the move in the same way that there are apps that can help you to find vacant homes. 
  2. Create a moving binder. If you want to be able to move house smoothly, one of the best things that you can do is create a moving binder that helps to guide you through it. You can include all of the information you’ve learned about moving, plus receipts for services you’ve paid for, any floor plans, design ideas and more. This is not a binder you want to lose, so make sure that you keep it close to you! 
  3. Printed lists. Oh, who doesn’t love a list when it comes to moving? You need to compare costs for the storage companies you give your furniture to while you are in between houses, and your lists are going to help you to plan your moving day out for weeks in advance. 
  4. Colour code the boxes. Assign a colour to every room in the house and make sure that the boxes you pack are labelled properly. You can give a list of the colours to the moving guys, too, and they will know which rooms to put your boxes in! Colour coding gives you a system that will help you to ensure that you have some level of organisation when you move into the new house in an instant.
  5. Create a packing plan. You shouldn’t pack up by throwing things into random boxes. You need to have some level of packing organisation, and that’s why you have to think about how you pack from room to room! 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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