the true secrets of a spotless renovation

a spotless renovation
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Renovation is one of the most reliable ways to get your home precisely how you want it. From kitchen renos to entire attic overhauls and beyond, you certainly won’t look back once you increase the living potential and overall value of your property in these ways. The trouble is that, when most of us even hear the word renovation, we get a headache just thinking about all of that mess. Certainly, depictions of rubble and dust so thick that you can’t see through it make it seem like you’ll be cleaning for months after even low-maintenance renovation.

But, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t need to be that way. There are loads of ways to ensure a spotless renovation. One that you can actually enjoy without paying the price of mess. Seeking a renovation company that offers complete cleaning after a project is obviously the easiest way to get this right, but even if you’re doing things alone, we’ve got a few pointers to help you enjoy a dirt-free and spotless renovation.


You’re first  going to want to clear the area in which you’ll be completing work, and also anywhere that you’re likely to pass through with tools, rubble, or anything else. Furniture that could be potentially ruined otherwise especially needs moving to make way for work. Equally, removing furnishings, wall hangings, and anything else that you can place elsewhere for the duration is going to make a huge difference for keeping everything cleaner, and enabling you to reconstruct a pristine room within hours of completion.


It’s also imperative to think about the protection of things that you can’t easily move, such as your flooring and any curtains/blinds. Dust sheets or drop cloths are perhaps your best option here, enabling you to install a protective barrier wherever you might need it. Then, you can rest easy that cleaning up will be as simple as pulling those sheets together, and finding a way to dispose of them that doesn’t leave you trailing dirt around the house


Often, we treat the buildup of mess as such an inevitable aspect of renovation that we don’t even attempt to clean as we go. Inevitably, the dirt build-up that this causes can take a while to clear, which is why it pays to instead clean along the way. Skip bin hire is especially useful for this as it removes any possible excuse for not getting rid of everything as you work. Then, you’ll be able to rest easy that your rubbish will be taken right from your doorstep for immediate cleanup. Even better, making sure to get rid of these things while your dust sheets are still down means you don’t risk ruining your carpets after going to all of that effort to protect them in the first place!

Renovation can be stressful, but cleaning up afterwards is often the worst part. Make sure you can start enjoying your new space immediately by following these pointers to a spotless renovation that’s ready to go right away.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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