8 quick solutions for tired looking interiors

Tired-looking interiors are, unfortunately, a part of life. Eventually your once-loved decor will start to date. Fortunately, there are a whole host of solutions for tired-looking interiors, many of which can be done on a shoestring budget. So let’s take a look at some easy solutions for tired looking interiors. 

solutions for tired looking interiors
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If the room is looking a little tired, then try adding a rug and see whether that has any effect. Rugs instantly boost the cosiness of a room and can help to give it a new dynamic. You can change what feels like a cold space into something much warmer, without worrying about redoing the walls (or any other elements of the room). 


Another common tactic along similar lines is to add a throw and some pillows to all your seating. Again, it helps to elevate the mood in a room and leave it feeling luxe and chic. 

solutions for tired looking interiors
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Homeowners often don’t realise it, but shelving is a major cause of room clutter. You could have a brand new interior, but if you don’t carefully curate the objects in your bookcases and mantelpiece, the room can feel exactly the same as it did before.  The trick here is to purposefully style your shelving. It shouldn’t just be a practical storage space. Instead, it should add to the aesthetic of the room. When it comes to tired-looking interiors, functionality is not your friend. 


Wallpaper was popular in the 1970s but has been fading ever since. And that’s a shame. Wallpaper gives you an opportunity to create delightful feature walls that look stunning. Try wallpapering a single wall in your living room and then adding a painting to bring a little uniqueness to the room. If you are worried about making such a big change permanently, you can get peelable wallpaper, letting you remove it if you don’t like it. 


Sydney Cement Rendering has some images on its website of what cement-rendered interior walls look like. Essentially, the result is a smooth, grey surface that instantly hides any lumps and bumps underneath. As such, it’s a great option for anyone struggling to cover interior brickwork that no longer serves its aesthetic purpose. 


In some cases, there aren’t any problems with your interior decor at all. Instead, the issue is simply too much clutter. Before you invest in any renovations, just remove all the junk from your rooms and then see how they feel. In many cases, you’ll find that they still look good and that it was the clutter, not the decor, that was the problem. 

solutions for tired looking interiors
photo by josh hemsley on unsplash 


Square coffee tables are great. But if you want to make your living room feel different, then try changing the shape. Round tables create a different atmosphere, as do glass versus wooden. 


Lastly, you can try reupholstering your chairs with bold patterns, particularly if the room itself is neutral. Leopard print can look fantastic on a white background. 



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