how to create the perfect work from home space

how to create the perfect work from home space
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People have been working from home in their droves over the last 18 months. And while some may be making tentative steps back toward the office, it is expected the shift in remote working will be here to stay for many; at least for half of the working week. It no longer suffices to sit and work from your kitchen table or breakfast bar and home workers around the globe have been converting spare bedrooms or quiet corners of rooms into a suitable work from home space. Having a dedicated space to work from is important for your productivity and working ethos, it helps separate home and working life.

So here are some tips to create the perfect work from home space. 


First of all, it is all about location, even in your own home. You need to find yourself a quiet area where you will be able to shut yourself off, as much as possible, and concentrate on the tasks at hand. Being in the living room or kitchen for example probably isn’t the best option. Ideally, you want a space that you can shut a door on. This can even be a quiet corner of your own bedroom, just somewhere where you will not be continuously disturbed. 


The colour can be important as there are psychological benefits to choosing the right colour palette for working. Think about every office you have worked in, has the colour scheme largely been neutral? There is a reason for that. Sticking to neutral or earthy tones are thought to be some of the best for home working. 


Getting the right furniture includes getting it ergonomically and aesthetically right. Sitting at a fold-away tray table will do no good for your posture or well-being. Invest in a decent desk with the correct amount of storage you need. This doesn’t have to be big or bulky, desks come in all shapes and sizes and will fit most spaces. Treat yourself to a decent chair that you can tolerate sitting in for the whole day and then add a few extras to your space to make it more inviting. Instal some floating shelves if you are tight on space to increase the storage available or perhaps hang a pegboard to keep your memos close by. 


Once you have all of the practicalities to create the perfect work from home space taken care of add a little personal touch to your work from home space. It is your space after all and you want it to be somewhere you feel comfortable spending a lot of time. Place family photos or inspirational quotes on those floating shelves or hang them in en trend frames. Add some indoor plants to bring a splash of colour and the feel-good factor of having a bit of nature so close to hand. Finally, don’t forget to ensure you have ample lighting and that your space can either benefit from as much natural light as possible or, failing which, invest in a good desk lamp to keep you from straining in a poorly lit room. Or you can use candles to not only add style and character, such as with a bubble candle but also to add softer lighting for those days when a harsh light is too much.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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