signs you’re great at interior design

you're great at interior design
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Everyone who has their home as their blank canvas fancies themselves as an interior designer – and rightly so! This is your space, your kingdom and your nest, which means that you can look at it and start envisioning how you want to make it more of a home that you feel proud of. It doesn’t have to stay a blank space, and if you are considering how you can make your home look, you might end up contemplating how you can be an interior designer for others, too. 

If you’re ever wondering whether the Australian handmade pottery on the shelves is helping your house to look like a home, or you believe that the macrame you’ve hung in the bedroom really looks good, the chances are that you are truly an interior designer at heart. What if you try to make it a career? Here are some of the signs you are really good at interior design.


  • You don’t leave the furniture alone. How many times have you rearranged your bedroom this week? What about the living room? So many people don’t ever change the room around, they just look at the space and feel happy with it as it is. If you have ever moved the living room around, then the chances are very good that you have the scope for planning new living space projects.
  • You’re always looking for new furniture options. If you love to upholster and upgrade furniture pieces, the chances are that you are very good at seeing that eye for detail that can go in your home. It’s also a good chance that you would be able to do this for others, too! 
  • You critique other designs. If you are looking at other interior design magazines and are struggling with liking the way that they have done things, then you could be right that you could do better. This is the kind of thing that can propel you to a whole new career if you’re brave enough to go with it. 
  • You love to untangle puzzles. If you ever enjoy figuring out how to solve a puzzle, then interior design may well be for you. It’s all about being creative and solving the dilemma of your clients. All you need is a budget and a favorite color scheme and you’re off! 
  • People around you come to you for advice. If you have friends and family already coming to you for their interior design advice, then why not start charging for it? You’ll see just how much of a positive impact you can have on your peers and you’ll be able to make some money in the meantime. You could even start and monetize your own interior design blog. You have to consider whether this is the thing for you to do, and if it is, then you want to be the best at what you can. 


Decorating is so much more than choosing pretty colors and you’ll see that when you explore yourself further to see if it’s for you.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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