creating a home improvement checklist

creating a home improvement checklist
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For many of us, this year is going to be a year of home improvement. Seeing how we’ve been cooped up in our homes a lot over the past couple of years and this has given way to the opportunity to really get to know our properties and to determine what work needs to be carried out to improve them. Whether you want to make your home better suited to your needs, or simply increase your property’s value, home improvement projects can go a long way to achieving either of these goals. Of course, the right tasks to carry out for the best impact will vary from one household to another. But hopefully, some of the information below will help get the ball rolling on your venture and improve your home significantly before you know it by creating a home improvement checklist.


At the top of anyone’s creating a home improvement checklist should be removing clutter. So start your venture by removing unnecessary clutter from your home. Most of us have at least a few belongings that we neither need nor use. It’s time for them to go. This will clear up space and help prevent your home from feeling messy. Determine which items you don’t need and sell them, donate them or recycle them.


Got some repairs? Resolve them sooner rather than later. Whether that’s electrical repairs from Aussie Electrical & Plumbing or roofing repairs from a professional roofing service. Make sure to check reviews and rates beforehand to avoid any surprises.


A fresh lick of paint can make an outstanding difference to how your home looks and feels. You don’t necessarily have to opt for an entirely new colour scheme. Instead, simply putting a fresh coat of the same colour on the walls can make the space feel fresh and new. If you do opt for a new colour scheme, make sure to get samples of the different colours you’re interested in and try them out on the walls you’re planning to paint. This will give you a good idea of how the different shades will look in the lighting of your room.


If your furniture is worn down and beat, or other elements of your home’s interior design need a refresh, it could be time to restyle your living space. New furniture, new rugs, new carpets, new lighting fixtures… the possibilities are endless. Look around for inspiration. You can often find this in interior design magazines, Pinterest boards or platforms like Instagram. You can focus on one room at a time or you can restyle your whole home at once for consistency across your property.


If you have the time and budget, renovations could be a major change that makes your home more functional and better suited to your needs. There are countless renovations to consider, ranging from extensions to the addition of en suites to conversions of loft spaces, garage spaces or the basement. Of course, you’ll need planning permission before going ahead with any element of this journey. So, create a budget, request planning permission and then start working with the relevant professionals to bring your projects to life!

These are just a few suggestions, but they really can make all the difference when it comes to making your home look better, feel more functional and become more enjoyable to spend time in. When creating a home improvement checklist try a few of these out and see how they work for you.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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