how to create a great first impression

how to create a great first impression
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If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you already know how important first impressions are. But did you know that people can create a solid impression of who you are within 7 seconds? That means whether you’re preparing for a date, a job interview or a business presentation, there is pretty much no room for error if you want to appear confident and make a good first impression. But meeting new people can be quite a daunting task if you lack confidence. Fortunately, we’ve listed the following tips on how to create a great first impression. 


No matter who you’re meeting or the purpose behind it, a simple yet friendly smile is absolutely essential. Smiling makes you look like a warm, approachable, and even trustworthy person. It radiates positivity, makes the other person more comfortable around you, and creates a generally good atmosphere and feeling. And that is exactly how you want those around you to feel when meeting them for the first time. But there are limits to how far you can go with a smile. 

Your best option is to keep a simple smile and try to not laugh at inappropriate times, as that will make you look odd and even annoying. And speaking of smiles, you might want to visit your dentist regularly if anything about your oral health makes you feel too insecure about smiling. From cosmetic dental procedures to other services like wisdom teeth removal, your dentist can help you get that perfect smile you want.


Now, this is where it gets a little uncomfortable for many people. Making eye contact is important as it displays a perfect blend of honesty and confidence while maintaining respect for the person you’re meeting. Maintaining good eye contact also suggests that the other party has your undivided attention. However, there are also limits to this nonverbal form of communication. For one, you need to know the difference between keeping good eye contact and plain staring at someone. You don’t want the other person to mistake you for a creep. 


Regardless of who you’re meeting or why, being on time is important, as that alone is enough to form an impression about you. If someone you’re meeting for the first time has to wait for you for too long, they’ll probably leave with a negative impression of you and not want to meet at all. Even if they’re patient enough to wait for you to arrive, the chances are that they won’t be interested in your ‘good excuse’ for showing up late. 


Like a warm smile, a warm greeting is another good way to leave a great first impression. Considering what’s going on with the current global pandemic, a handshake, hug, or any form of physical contact may not be the best for now. A friendly wave may be more than enough in a less formal situation, or you can use a gentle bow of the head in formal situations.



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