alternative easter gift ideas

alternative easter gift ideas
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Easter can be a most wonderful time; one filled with excitement in the morning, ready to go on an Easter egg hunt and eat all the chocolate for breakfast. It’s such a fun day and can be family-focused and full of laughter and memories. However Easter has grown and you don’t just simply get a chocolate egg anymore. There are a myriad of alternative easter gift ideas with people now gifting Easter baskets with toys, teddies and all sorts.

You don’t have to go all out but getting alternative presents and gifts is a great way to end the day even more special. For younger children, you could get them a craft set and a hat. Making an Easter Bonnet is a great activity still on Easter and some think they can then wear it each Easter as a tradition. You can buy a basic straw h  hat from any shop or craft shop and even get them separated themselves or you can help them. You could do it with green paper to be like grass with eggs and chicks on top. Or you could get rabbits, carrots and anything else that’s related to Easter. 

Another option is to get them an Easter activity box. This could have things like colouring pencils in, used to come in pages that you could buy or simply print off from the Internet, ingredients to make Easter cookies or Easter treats as well as an Easter book, a film that’s related to Easter or something new outfit to wear on Easter day. Just like the Christmas Eve boxes, you can incorporate this into Easter as well and just swap it as Christmas things for Easter things. 

For older children who may not be as excited about Easter anymore, you can simply just get them a few little treats. So alongside a nice egg, you could get them a piece of make-up, soap gift boxes, A book or anything simple that could help with self-care. Easter is very much a family-focused day where you come together, have a delicious meal and spend time together as a family. But having things like books, graphs and different things as gifts can contribute to a lovely day together which doesn’t end on just everyone sitting watching TV or sitting on their phones. You can spend time together, play games, make cakes and bond and create memories.

Other alternative easter gift ideas, and in keeping with the egg theme is to have an egg cup set so you can have dippy eggs in the morning of some toast to stay with the Easter theme. You can get all sorts of fun and different egg cup ideas rather than just a basic you could get on is in shapes of dinosaurs, rabbits or even their favourite superhero. Different toys sets are related to Easter like a Peter Rabbit sets, Lego Easter gift sets or simply you could get the children’s afternoon tea sets which you can then use on the day. 

Easter can be so much more than just getting the chocolate egg on the day. You can make it special, family-focused and full of fun and seek and make memories to last a lifetime.



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