a guide to choosing a sexy party dress that suits your body type

choosing a sexy party dress
photo by hanen souhail on unsplash 

We all love parties and choosing a sexy party dress is an exciting time for any girl, while accessorizing is always a challenge, no matter the outfit. Of course, you want to look hot and when looking at party dress styles, you really should take your body shape into account. In this post we look at a few different dress styles and what works best for each body shape.

  • Pear Shape – If your upper body is less prominent than your lower half, you fall into the pear shape category, which means you need a dress with some shoulders and upper volume. A party dress that accentuates your shoulders is
    the ideal choice; halter-neck style or a sleeveless or strapless number will draw attention to your upper half.
  • Athletic Type – Tall and slim, you have wide shoulders, slim hips, with the emphasis on your top half; your dress should be full at the hips to achieve a nice balance. Highlight your waistline for an hourglass effect and with stunning sexy party dresses for women from the online designer dress boutique, you can browse at your leisure until you find the perfect dress.
  • Hourglass Figure – If you’re one of the lucky ones who were gifted with an hourglass figure, you can wear any style of party dress and look fabulous! Why not splash out on a Sherri Hill mermaid dress? The online designer dress boutique represents many well-known designers and prices are very affordable.
  • Diamond Shape – If you have a substantial mid-section with narrower hips, you are a diamond! Show off that ample cleavage with a sexy V-neckline and browsing the online designer dress boutique is sure to result in finding the perfect dress to enhance your best sections.


If you are looking for a special outfit for an up-and-coming party, you obviously want to look your best; choosing a designer creation is the best solution. Google can help you locate a top-rated designer dress boutique, where you can search by price,
style, color or designer. They also have many dresses on special, as new arrivals need the space and comparing prices has never been easier. The Internet can do so many things. Where would we be without the World Wide Web?


Regardless of the occasion, when you buy a new dress, even if you’re choosing a sexy party dress, it should be an investment for the future. Choosing a designer dress ensures top quality and the best fabric and the garment will stand the test of time. A good quality cocktail dress can be worn on many occasions, especially if you throw some TLC its way.


When ordering a designer dress from the online boutique, make absolutely sure that your measurements are precise. Ask your local dressmaker or seamstress to measure you if you are not so confident. When selecting a size, it is better to go one size up than down, as it is easier to take in a garment than to let it out.

choosing a sexy party dress
photo by hanen souhail on unsplash 

And when it comes to make-up and accessories style advice, another tip is to search online for fashion blogs, where style mavens and designers reveal their secrets.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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