flooring materials that are suitable for hot + humid climates

flooring materials
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If you are planning a new build, among the things you have to consider is whether or not the flooring needs to be suitable for a tropical climate. If you are located in an area where this matters, you have to be aware that not all flooring materials fall into this category. Both heat and humidity affect building materials. Timber, for example, expands and contracts with rising and falling temperatures and in this article, a few flooring materials are recommended.


Vinyl has come a long way in the past 25 years and luxury vinyl comes in plank and tile form, although most people prefer planks, as this closely resembles solid timber. Stunning finishes in timber, stone and slate give almost unlimited choices to match with the decor and prices are very reasonable; luxury vinyl is the perfect budget flooring and it is not affected by heat or humidity. Luxury vinyl is great for wet rooms, while it is suitable for the living room and bedrooms.


Regarding cork floor tiles, a fine example of which is the highest quality modern cork flooring Melbourne or even some homes across the world have. Homeowners often prefer this soft and natural material as it is the eco-friendly way to create stunning natural flooring with a soft and silent walking experience. When installing cork flooring, the tile packs should be left in the room for 48 hours in order to acclimatise, then there will be no movement when the tiles are installed. Cork comes in all shades of brown, making for a truly natural flooring with a unique softness and feel.


The ultimate in cool flooring for a tropical climate, porcelain tiles come in all colours and designs and can be installed on any substrate. It isn’t only porcelain tiles that are great for hot climates, granite and marble make for the perfect flooring that lasts a lifetime. This is not exactly the cheapest type of flooring, but it is a lasting solution that will not warp, twist or deform in any way, while you have a cool surface to walk on. Whether you fancy imported Italian marble or travertine, there are suppliers of quality stone pavers who can find the perfect stone for your property.


This is a very popular choice in some Asian countries. The range of different finishes allows you to blend with the decor and once sealed, the floor is watertight. Perfect for every room, polished concrete comes in just about any colour you can think of and there are some really neat designs. If you would like to see some great examples of polished concrete flooring, Google Images is always ready to oblige; there are so many variations with polished concrete and you can get creative with finishes.

flooring materials
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There you have it, our list of flooring materials that are suitable for a tropical climate. With an online search, you can be viewing top quality flooring materials and make your choice. Most people prefer to see the flooring in a real-life setting, which you can do if you visit the flooring showroom.



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