how to get your wedding planning started

get your wedding planning started
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Getting engaged is a big deal and marks the start of an exciting new chapter in your life. But once the news of your engagement has sunk in, your thoughts will turn to the wedding itself and the reality of how to get your wedding planning started and making your nuptials happen. Getting your wedding plans started can be one of the most challenging aspects of getting married. You may feel like you have so much to do that figuring out where to even begin is an overwhelming prospect.

The most crucial thing to do is stay calm and get started on your planning as soon as possible. The earlier your wedding planning gets underway, the calmer and in control you will feel. Ready to begin? Here are some top tips to help you get your wedding planning started.


Deciding where to get married is a crucial decision and something you need to think about carefully. There are so many different options to choose from, so considering each is a great idea. From laid-back weddings at the beach to traditional ceremonies in your hometown church, there are certainly plenty of choices to consider. Selecting a venue as soon as possible is vital, as you may find it booked up months and years in advance. Due to this, it is best not to settle on a date for your wedding day until you have decided on the venue and had confirmation it has been reserved for you.


It goes without saying that choosing the ideal wedding dress for your big day is a must. As well as deciding on your wedding dress with plenty of time to spare, you also need to consider the outfits your bridal party will wear. Shopping for bridal party outfits early is an excellent way to keep stress levels low and ensure that everyone can attend the fittings and feels happy with what they are wearing. If you have younger bridesmaids and flower girls, it is best to start shopping for their dresses early so that you can get an idea of the style you would like them to wear and where you can purchase them. Looking online for girls formal dresses will help you get plenty of inspiration and find the perfect dress.


Your wedding photos are something that you and your spouse will treasure forever, so ensuring that they are perfect is a must. Before you searching for a wedding photographer, it is a good idea to begin looking around for some inspiration to help decide on the style of photos that you would like for your special day. Would you like reportage-style photography, black and white images, or something a little more traditional? Whichever option you select, it is wise to select a photographer that is experienced in these kinds of styles. Researching different wedding photographers and asking for recommendations is essential to finding the perfect photographer. Booking them early will help you avoid disappointment when you look back on your wedding day.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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