why you should say yes to a bathroom upgrade

do you need a bathroom upgrade
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If you have found yourself looking around your home and it’s feeling tired, know that you are not alone. Everybody gets bored of their surroundings sometimes and it’s here where upgrades are usually more popular. One of the most popular places to start in the home is the bathroom. It’s a small but essential space that can really make your house feel more homely. Your bathroom isn’t just somewhere that you spend time in to look in the mirror and put your makeup on during the day, it’s somewhere you can use to relax and unwind. They are also an essential space for other reasons, too – of course!

From upgrading tiles with the inspiration of tilemall.com.au, to changing up the shower head, there are many upgrades that you can achieve in your bathroom. We have some of the best reasons you should go ahead and do it all!


A bathroom upgrade is actually one of the best places in the home that you can get started if you want to make changes. Bathrooms will help you to add value to your home, and even if you’re not selling it right now you’re going to be able to enjoy the upgrades while you still live there.  You’re pushing quite a bit of money right now to do the space from top to toe, but you’ll earn it back over time – especially during the sale. An outdated and older bathroom can have an impact, a negative impact, on the potential sale so think ahead.


The chances are you’re going to be using your bathroom more than once a day, which means that wear and tear is going to accelerate. Time gives bathrooms no chance to look good, so you need to keep on top of these changes as they happen. The faster you perform repairs in the bathroom the healthier your bathroom will be.


It happens as you get older, what once looked really funky and cool seems to look tacky and drawn at some stage. Whether you modernise your bathroom to fit the period, or you make it look pretty and calm to fit your tastes, if your tastes have changed and your bathroom isn’t giving you a buzz any more then it’s time to upgrade.


Extensions for the home are not just limited to extra play rooms or a movie room, you can extend your home to give you more space for a bigger bathroom. Maybe you want to add a clawfoot tub rather than just have a shower? Either way you can make your master bath big enough for more than two.


If your tiled flooring is full of chips, or you have exposed wiring in your bathroom, you need to consider the accidents that could potentially happen. Think of it if you have children in the home. They could hurt themselves, you could hurt yourself and there’s just no need for it. A bathroom upgrade can avoid any safety issues.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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