7 stylish ways to decorate your ceiling

stylish ways to decorate your ceiling
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The ceiling is an important part of a room that can often get overlooked. By exploring stylish ways to decorate your ceiling you can transform the entire mood of the room. We’ve listed a few different stylish ways to decorate a ceiling. 


White is the most common and safest colour for a ceiling. A white ceiling can help to add a sense of height and won’t distract from the rest of the room. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose white. Using other ceiling colours can have a striking impact on the room. Sky-related colours such as blue, grey and even a sunset pink can look amazing when contrasted with white walls. A dark blue ceiling in a bedroom could meanwhile provide a night sky feel. 


Ceiling fans are great for keeping a room cool. However, they can also be stylish features. Rather than opting for a generic ceiling fan, consider different designs that may help to add to the theme of a room. A wooden ceiling fan can add a rustic touch to a room, while a shiny metal fan can add a modern flair to a room. 


You should try to avoid bare hanging bulbs around your home. Lampshades will make the ceiling feel less naked and can help to set the tone of the room. For rooms where people congregate, it can be worth adding statement lighting fixtures to add a sense of excitement to the room. Companies such as Alti lighting can help you to find the best ceiling lighting fixtures for your home. 


Recessed lights can be used alongside a central hanging light. Alternatively, you can remove the central light and opt exclusively for recessed lights across the ceiling. These lights can give a room a modern and minimal feel. They’re effective at lighting up the entire room and can be great for lighting up alcoves and oddly shaped corners.


Skylights are windows in the ceiling. They can allow natural light into a room, helping the room to feel warmer and more open. Skylights are ideal for rooms that don’t have many windows, helping to provide a connection to the outside world. They are typically not cheap to install, but can add a lot of value to your home. 


Wooden ceiling beams have an earthy and comforting feel. Original beams are a sought after feature in historic homes. Of course, if your home doesn’t have any beams on the ceiling, you can always add faux wooden beams. These can be a great rustic feature worth adding in rural properties.


Decorative ceiling moulding can give a room an opulent feel. When paired with classy furniture, it can give the room a sophisticated feel. Decorative moulding tends to look better on relatively high ceilings in historic properties – you may want to avoid it in a low-ceiling modern apartment as it could look pretentious.  



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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