innovative design ideas to take from hotels

design ideas to take from hotels
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Hotels can be a fantastic inspiration for your home. Whether you’re constructing a new home or you want some new decor in your existing home, hotels can give you some fun ideas. Luxury hotels can inspire you to add some glamorous elements or to play with tech, and even budget hotels can give you good ideas about how to use a limited amount of space. Hotels are often very innovative in their design because they have to meet the needs of their guests. If you want to do something different with your home, you could find some unique design ideas to take from hotels.


Many of us now work from home or perhaps bring work home occasionally. You might have a home office or a space you use for working from home. This is where design ideas to take from hotels can inspire you, as many of them help their business guests to have some fun by combining business and leisure facilities. Of course, you may not have space for a business centre and a spa, but you can still find ways to combine these two different parts of your life in your home. If you have a limited amount of space, for example, one room might become both your office and a room to hang out in when you switch off.


Hotels often use prefab construction to complete large-scale builds for less money and on a shorter timescale. It’s something that could inspire you if you’re thinking of building a new home or extending your existing home. You could add the ideal prefabricated bathroom pod to your home for an easy way to expand it and add to its value. A prefab garden office or summer house could be great to add to your home too. It expands the living space but at a lower cost than other options.


Smart tech has already taken over many homes and you can also see a lot of hotels using it. Observing the way that hotels are using smart tech could give you some ideas for how to use it in your home. Hotels are providing smart tech to their guests but also using it behind the scenes to do things like manage energy usage and predictive maintenance. You can use smart tech to make everything in your home easier. Imagine being able to control not just tech like your TV and audio system but also things like curtains, locks, and lights with smart tech.


One thing that hotels are often great at is a clever use of space. Budget hotels can be particularly good at this because they have smaller rooms but still want to offer enough space to guests. You can discover some fun ideas from hotels, such as making the best use of the space under the bed. They also only include necessary furniture, with many hotels now opting to remove desks (and provide smaller places to put your stuff).



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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