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home office ideas
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If you are someone who is working from home, chances are you have your own home office space in which to do so. If that is the case, it is worth taking some notes on home office ideas and to work on the interior design in that particular room. Why? Well working from home means it is not always easy to find your motivation and maintain it throughout the day, but if your office space looks beautiful, then you will naturally gravitate to it more often.

With that in mind, here are some top-level home office interior ideas that will have you raring to work all day each day for sure.


Most people naturally paint the walls in their office in light, neutral colours like white and grey. This might look sufficiently corporate, but it is not exactly inspiring. Dramatic blacks, aubergines and forest greens are not only more interesting which means they are more likely to spark your creative side, but they look much more polished and professional on Zoom calls and the likes too.


Not only is polished concrete flooring extremely durable, but it adds a surprisingly sophisticated, glossy look to any room it is placed in. If you want your home office to look like a high-end office building, then it will be a brilliant addition to your interior.


Yes, your average office space in your average office building might not have lovely faux fur rugs and crocheted cushions, but there is no reason why your home office cannot and should not have such creature comforts. A pretty rug, a nice warm blanket and a few funky cushions will soften the office space and make it feel more like the kind of place you want to spend time in.


No home office should be without plants. Not only can you bring in some much-needed colour and shape o the form of your plant pots, but you can also harness the power of nature to soothe, aid creativity, and boost production. Cacti are great because they come in a variety of interesting shapes, and are very easy to look after, but any plant or flower that makes you smile will be a welcome addition to your desk.


Your office space should not be a blank canvas – it should be a room filled with the things that inspire you most. Whether that is a piece of abstract art hanging above your desk, a bright pink buddha head bought at the local flea market, or a woven tapestry from the local craft fair, the more art you have in your office and the more interesting it is, the more inspired you will be and the more enjoyable your time in your home office is likely to be too.


Natural light is your best friend when customizing an office space for maximum creativity, productivity, and atmosphere. Proven by many studies to boost serotonin and decrease stress, sunlight entering your office window can be a boon to working longer for a more engaging final product. 

You’ll want blinds that help you use your windows to your advantage. You can buy curtains in a fun color that makes your office feel more atmospheric when the sun shines through them. Or, you can get blinds to redirect sunlight to places in the room that need to be better lit, or away from places where the heat can get uncomfortable. You can check out www.halfpriceblinds.com.au to see what options there are. Your windows are the most crucial parts of your room, so it’s important to focus on them, especially in an office. 

You deserve to have a beautiful home office space, so why not invest in some of the brilliant interior ideas today and create the home office space that really speaks to you?



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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