6 reasons why outdoor lighting is a great home investment

outdoor lighting is a great home investment
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Outdoor lighting is usually something that you only see on show properties. But as the benefits become more apparent, an increasing number of homeowners are jumping on the bandwagon. They want their properties to look glorious every day of the week, no matter what the weather does. But why specifically are people going to the trouble of hiring a level 2 electrician and spending all this money, just to illuminate their homes? What’s the appeal? And why is it becoming more common?

Let’s take a look at why outdoor lighting is a great home investment. 


Coming home from work in the wintertime is a hazardous activity. When you get out of your car late at night, there are all sorts of things that you can stumble over or injure yourself on as you make your way to your front door. Lighting, though, helps to prevent this. When you light up your exteriors, you get a floodlight-like effect, letting you see where you’re going. If there are objects scattered everywhere, you can avoid them. 


Homeowners like their properties to have curb appeal. And that’s something that’s easy to achieve during the day with some attractive siding and perhaps a lick of paint. 

Unfortunately, it’s harder to do in the evenings and at night. Mostly, your home just looks like a dull silhouette. But with outdoor lighting, you can change all that. Lights illuminate your property and make it look bright. In many cases, it looks better than it appears during the day. 


Burglars love dark, dingy homes that don’t have any lights on. It makes it easier for them to break in without anyone noticing. It also suggests to them that nobody is home, reducing risk. Outdoor lighting helps to prevent this. A fully illuminated house is far less attractive to a burglar. It is much more likely that someone will see what they’re doing which is why outdoor lighting is a great home investment. 


If you’re constantly tripping over your exterior fittings and fixtures, like stone separators between your path and lawn, you can easily damage them over time. But when you illuminate your pathway, that risk goes away. 


Outdoor lighting also makes your home more beautiful. It creates a certain ambiance for exterior areas, such as patios or front porches, that is simply impossible to achieve in any other way. Outdoor lighting also adds a touch of elegance to a property. In fact, you’ll often see estate agents showcasing fully-lit homes to buyers to help sell them. Many homeowners notice how exterior lighting helps to make their properties appear more dynamic. Everything looks fresher and more beautiful with the proper illumination, particularly when you place lights strategically under windows. 


Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, outdoor lighting increases the value of your property. Because it makes your home look more beautiful all day long, it encourages buyers to spend more, even if they are getting less for their money. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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