breathe new life into your garden

breathe new life into your garden
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Every once in a while, if you’re gazing out into your garden and it’s not looking as clean, neat, and relaxing as you want – it’s time to start making some changes and breathe new life into your garden. In the last few years, people are placing more value on their gardens as places that can be relaxed and enjoyed. 


Before you start pulling weeds and adding new things, planning what you want is a good idea. The chances are you know by now which parts of the garden you want to change and why. But more importantly, you know the level of maintenance that you want to put into it. Do things need to be removed, cleaned, or just spruced up a little? Pool renovations, adding potted plants, painting, and more can all be done – but it is always better to plan it all out before you start. 


Big jobs like gardening are typically better done if you do them in sections. Break the garden down into things like ‘flower boarders,’ ‘patio,’ and whatever else you have in your garden. During your planning, group together the jobs that can be done within that section. This will help you to budget both time and money for each bit. And you can do the most important bits first, too. 


Perhaps the part of the garden that is bothering you is the style. You may have fallen out of love with the design options you chose last time. Most people don’t have professional gardens come in and make everything cohesive; they do it themselves over time. And you might be left with something that doesn’t meet your vision. 

To breathe new life into your garden, get clear on the style that you want, and use Pinterest and garden design blogs to help you. 


If you already have a pool, you don’t need to add more water to the garden unless it is one of the things you enjoy the most. Many people find that adding a pond with some fish is incredibly relaxing. The sounds of the water trickling over rocks or in a fountain can be very peaceful in the evenings. 

Also, having a pond means adding even more interest to your garden in the form of pond plants. The right pond plants can bring a beautiful array of colors and textures to your garden that would otherwise not be possible. 

Don’t be afraid to say goodbye to plants you don’t like or aren’t delivering what you had hoped. Instead of throwing them in the compost, see if people you know might like the plant first.  Grab some pots, and pot them up before you offer them out so they can be easily picked up and taken to their new home. 

Turning your garden into somewhere you want to spend time doesn’t need to cost a lot of time or money. Plan it methodically and work through your list; you’ll be left with something you love. Here are some extra tips to get exactly what you want from your garden: tips to transform your garden.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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