things to include in your walk-in wardrobe

things to include in your walk-in wardrobe
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A walk-in wardrobe is something that many fashion lovers and home interior designers want to have in their homes. We know that organization makes a huge difference in our stress levels, the enjoyment of our homes, and more. A walk-in wardrobe can ensure that our clothing, shoes, accessories, and more are well organized and kept neatly.

If you are considering a walk-in robe, here are a couple of items that you need to consider and things to include in your walk-in wardrobe. 


No walk-in wardrobe is complete without the right interior look. Of course, the clothes are the star of the show – but there is no harm in having something that looks incredible. Your walk-in wardrobe should reflect you and everything you are. Bright and bubbly, or minimalist – letting the clothes do all the talking. 

If you don’t have the cash to hire an interior designer – then it’s time to head to Pinterest or check out the celebrity house tours for inspiration. Most looks can be recreated on a budget. 


A walk-in wardrobe doesn’t just need basic lighting; it needs a lot of options. There should be lights running across all of the shelving – so you can always see what you want. Flattering spotlights and natural light bars running down the sizes of mirrors. It’s not a small job; it is one that you’re going to want to get a trusted electrician in for. Make sure that you work with any natural light opportunities to get the best from them.


There is no need for your walk-in wardrobe to be messy, and if you have a habit of leaving things around until you get around to tidying them, then an ottoman can be your saving grace. When you get into the walk-in, you can take a seat, and kick your shoes off, unpack, hang things up, or put things in there for another day. An ottoman is an added bit of storage that can be a game-changer. 


A mirror is one of those things to include in your walk-in wardrobe. Not only because they are essential but one of the best ways to make sure that your walk-in is lit up and bright enough for you to get ready. It is important that you see your outfit from all the angels. Back and front mirrors at the right height to check shoes too. Adding more mirrors around the room can also make the room feel larger – so if you are working with a smaller space, make use of all the reflective surfaces. 


If you have room for a dressing table, then use it. You don’t need to go back and forth between rooms to get ready; you can do skincare, loungewear, makeup, and day clothing all in one place. It can be everything you need. Remember to get a vanity mirror that has natural tones, daylight bulbs, and plenty of illumination too! 

You can apply the same ideas to all small spaces – think about practicality and beauty, and you’ll have a great place to get dressed every day. It can be even more important to separate getting ready from your working space if you work from home; here are tips for your office: home office ideas to keep you working all day – Daring Coco.  



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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