common bathroom issues + how to deal with them

common bathroom issues
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Our bathrooms are one of the most hardworking spaces in our homes. Sadly this also means they frequently experience common bathroom issues. The good news is you can read about the most common ones and how to navigate them in the post below.


There is always some risk of flooding in the bathroom because of the presence of so much plumbing. The good news is that you can minimize the risk of flooding by making sure you check your plumbing and keep it well-maintained. Also, ensuring that it’s installed by a qualified plumber, to begin with, will reduce any risk of leaking later, along with maximizing the safety of anyone using the space.

However, if you are unlucky enough to experience a flood in your bathroom, rapid action is the best way to minimize any lasting damage. Turn the water to your home off as quickly as possible ( check that it is safe to do so or wait for a plumber to help you). Then once the water is off and the flooding has been stemmed, you can work with a provider like National Restoration Network that will send an experienced water damage technician to your home to help you with the cleanup. Indeed, such specialists can even help you with suspected mold and will ensure your bathroom is returned to normal as quickly as possible.


While we are on the subject of mold it’s worth noting that it doesn’t only occur in bathrooms after flooding. Indeed, because of the warm, wet environment of most bathrooms, mold is very common. Unfortunately, it can not only look bad but be a health hazard as well. With that in mind, if you see the begging signs of mold in your bathroom it’s important to get on top of them before it becomes a major issue.

To do this you will need to clean the mold with bleach, and then let the space air out, as this will deny the mold the moisture it requires to thrive.


Many people find that their bathrooms are much smaller than they would like which also makes this one of the most common bathroom issues. This can lead to feeling cramped while using the space, and in some cases necessitates difficult decisions about what features to include and what features to leave out. Aside from adding to your home with an extension to make your bathroom larger, the solution here is to get clever with the space you have. You will need to think long and hard about the best use of the limited space you have and may find it better to use compact options for sinks, toilets, showers, and baths.


Last of all, a very common issue in many bathrooms is peeling paint. This is because the hot humid atmosphere creates the perfect conditions to encourage paint to lift from the walls, and ceiling providing you with a shabby space that looks less than cared for. The good news is there are some ways you can get around this problem. The first is to use special paint designed for bathrooms, which because of its makeup will stay on the walls much longer.

Alternatively, why not use tile on the walls, or floors, which will be far more robust in a wetter space and will look great as well.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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