things to remember when building a new home

building a new home
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Are you looking for a new home? Have you decided to build instead of buying? If so, you have made a wise decision. By going with new construction, you get to hand-pick the design and amenities in your new home so you can get exactly what you want. Read on for tips on how to have a successful home-building experience.


When you choose to build a home, you need to work with the right building company. It is crucial to do your due diligence and research the builder to ensure you are engaging a reputable company like the one you will find at

Talk with your builder to establish a rapport. Discuss every option you can ever dream of having in a dream home. While that may seem over-the-top, the process will help you fine-tune all of your desired amenities and help make a realistic cost sheet. This will help you determine a reasonable budget and get what you want in a home. Ask for examples and references of the builder’s work and the possibility of walking through some of the homes. Talk with them about their past projects and recommendations for yours.


Once the blueprints and general design specifications have been completed and signed off upon, it is time to attend to the details, which include the following:


  • OUTLETS – The location of your new home’s outlets may seem insignificant compared to the greater project of building an entire home. But, once you have lived in a place with poorly located outlets, you will understand the inconvenience. Consider how you move throughout the house. Would you appreciate more plug-in options in the kitchen? What about your bathroom? Do you store a chargeable vacuum in a closet?


  • LIGHTING – Even if you feel that overhead lighting can be too bright or harsh, don’t opt out. Instead, install the lights with a dimmer switch. Place overhead lights in every room as you never know when you may need them. If you intend to have an open floor plan with floating seating, you may want a floor lamp. In order to accommodate that selection, you’ll need to go back to the previous bullet and make a note to have an outlet or two placed in the floor near where your furniture will be so as to plug in a lamp.


  • HOUSE NUMBERS – If you take a drive through your city or town, take note of how visible the respective house numbers are. Do this in both the daylight hours and at night. Pay special attention to whether vegetation is blocking the numbers, how large they are, and whether or not they are well-lit. Install yours accordingly. This will help your friends and family find you and aid in emergency response, should that be needed.


Watch this video for tips on what to know for your electrical appointment.


Get excited about your new home. Make sure you get all of the features you want. And, most importantly, have a great time throughout the process. It will make it all worthwhile when you are able to move into your dream home.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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