how to choose the right products for sensitive skin

the right products for sensitive skin
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There are different skin types, all requiring various degrees of care. According to reports, sensitive skin affects an estimated 50% of people globally. If you have sensitive skin, it’s vital to be mindful of the right products for sensitive skin as the wrong products could make you itch and cause breakouts. However, finding the right beauty brands tailored to your skin’s unique needs can be challenging. Thankfully, it is possible, and the tips below can help you.


The first thing you want to do is speak with experts like dermatologists or beauticians for guidance. It’s even more important to consult a dermatologist, especially if you don’t know the cause of your sensitive skin. This way, you can receive treatment for any underlying issues. Otherwise, using sensitive skin products will only target the symptoms, leaving the real problem undiagnosed. After speaking to your dermatologist and identifying the causes of your skin sensitivity, a beautician can also help you find the right products. 


If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals, or any chemicals if possible, as they can irritate your skin. It’s safer to go all-natural and stick with products formulated with ingredients like aloe vera and Argan oil. You can also consider shower gels with natural oats, as they’re proven to soothe the skin when bathing. Also, most eco-friendly and vegan beauty products are ideal for sensitive skin. Because they’re made with all-natural ingredients, they’re not harsh on the skin. Thankfully, the vegan beauty industry is growing, so you can find almost every product you need, from vegan nail polish to sunscreen.


Fragrance-rich beauty products can irritate your skin, as most are made with harsh chemicals. Fragrance-free products, on the other hand, are always good for sensitive skin. So, even if a product is made with natural ingredients but contains fragrance, it’s best to avoid it. It’s also best to avoid products that contain ingredients like alcohol, antibacterial agents, alpha hydroxy acids, and retinoids. 


The most ideal and the right products for sensitive skin tend to have minimal formulations with a few basic ingredients. So take the time to read and understand the label before purchasing. The more formulations or active ingredients a product contains, the more the likelihood of skin irritation. 

Focus on products that address specific skin issues without unnecessary additives. For example, a gentle cleanser with few ingredients can effectively cleanse without stripping your skin’s natural moisture barrier. But don’t end there; find ways to modify your skincare routine where necessary and reduce the number of products you use daily. 


Finding the right products for sensitive skin can be overwhelming. You may try several products before finding the right one for you. To avoid going on an extended run of trial and error, ask for recommendations from trusted people. As mentioned earlier, you can speak with a dermatologist or beautician, but you can also ask people who struggle with the same skin issue as you to find out what products they use. You can also check out online platforms and beauty communities that offer reviews and feedback from people with sensitive skin. Such platforms can be of immense help in terms of information. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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