3 tips for travelling to sydney, australia

tips for travelling to sydney
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Sydney is a wonderful travel destination and should be right at the top of your list of things to do when traveling to Australia. It’s an immense city with so much to offer, yet there’s a danger that comes with this. As one of the classic tourist spots, you run the risk of being overrun by other tourists and not getting an authentic Sydney experience. 

So, to enjoy this city like the locals, here are three tips for travelling to Sydney.


Like London’s Osyer Card and NYC’s Metrocard, Sydney has its own way for you to pay for public transportation. It’s called an Opal card and you can buy one online or at any of the main train/subway stations in the city. The locals use these all the time as it’s super easy to just tap and go. 

If you want a real Sydney experience, you should consider taking public transport. It’ll get you everywhere you need to go at a decent price and in good time. Plus, it’s an opportunity to mingle with the locals and ask about restaurant recommendations or the best coffee spots.


You don’t need to go to big concert halls like the Sydney Opera House for some live music. One of the best things about this city is the nightlife and the sling of bars dotted around the place. Go for a wander in the evening and let your ears guide you. Listen out for live music and find the source. A crowded bar with a band is the perfect place to spend an evening in Sydney if you want a truly authentic experience. Sydney is a massive cultural hub with all kinds of events happening at all times. So try to see some live bands in Sydney while you’re there as it’ll be an experience you will remember forever. 


Going to the beach sounds like a typical tourist thing to do, but it’s all part of daily life out in Sydney. Seriously, the beaches will be littered with Aussies all throughout the day. It’s one of the advantages of living here; you can literally pop out for lunch and a tan on the beach whenever you want.

Going to the beach is a rite of passage so check out the best beaches in Sydney while you’re there. Bondi is a must, but Coogee is also hugely popular. In fact, there’s a long walk that lets you go from one beach to the other which is highly recommended. The locals say it’s 6km long, which is around 3.7 miles of sandy walking. Still, you literally can’t come to Sydney and not head to the beach. 

These three tips for travelling to Sydney will leave you feeling fulfilled after your trip. It may not seem like the longest list of things to do, but you’ll be amazed at how much you see and take in. If you want to live like a local and get an authentic experience, make sure you follow at least one of these tips. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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