making your home feel spacious on a budget

making your home feel spacious
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Are you someone who often feels like you’re cramped in your own space? It’s a natural feeling to experience, especially as the reality of it might be very much true. Not everyone has the beauty and privilege of a large home, which is why it’s useful to know the tricks that make your home feel more spacious, no matter how small it may be. If you’re redecorating or revamping your home on a budget and are looking at making your home feel spacious, then this guide is for you.


Firstly, how high are the ceilings in your rooms? You may only have small rooms to work with but if your ceilings are fairly tall, then it’s well worth investing in home decor that accentuates the height of the room. Think about bringing in artwork that is oversized and you can hang up high or other fixtures that draw the eye up, rather than keeping it at a low-level viewpoint.

There’s a lot of extra space that comes with tall ceilings, so it’s definitely useful to utilize this when it comes to making your home more spacious.


To help with your budget, try to keep color schemes simple. Don’t try to overdo it with too much color and at the same time, certain designs for your walls or floors might end up making the space feel smaller than it actually is. Try to keep to a neutral palette for the most part and instead introduce soft furnishings with color if you’re looking to help switch out your choices seasonally.


Clutter is what can often cause the main problem of a lack of space in the home. If you’re currently looking at your surroundings and you see things lying about on the floor, then removing this clutter is going to make a big difference.

With that being said if you’re looking to remove all of the clutter in your home, then it’s definitely worth doing a clear-out when you get a chance. For anything you don’t want to get rid of, there are always self-storage units that are great for storing away belongings without them needing to be in the home.


To help make your home feel more spacious when you are limited on budget, consider what you can do to help brighten up the space. When you enter a dull or dark room, you’ll likely feel more cramped in the space. Throw on the lights and it often makes a world of difference. Consider incorporating some more light fixtures where it’s needed and don’t block your windows from letting in that natural light.


If you’re able to, it might be worth considering windows that don’t need any curtains or blinds. Whether you’re high up or the windows themselves aren’t looking out onto a main road or are snooped on by neighbours, having no curtains or blinds can make a space feel a lot more open, and bring in infinitely more light.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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