making your home more valuable from the outside

making your home more valuable
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The more someone can see value in a property from the moment they lay eyes on it, the more they’re going to be willing to pay for it. So if you’re about to put your home on the market, or you’ve just bought a bit of a fixer upper, adding some curb appeal should definitely be on your renovation journey towards making your home more valuable.

Here are some of the better additions to include on an exterior layout plan. Because your home should be comfortable both inside and out.


This is the easiest thing to do to add value to your property’s exterior. All you need here is a lawn mower and some time. Make sure any greenery is properly trimmed around the edges – it can be wild in the middle, but try to keep it contained. 

Similarly, you can buy some gravel or shingle from your local DIY store and spread it to make a pathway. That is if you’re not a fan of using slabs. A clear pathway makes it easy for your home to stand out, while the front lawn highlights its edges and draws the eye. 


The roof on your home needs to be sturdy and made from high quality materials because you want it in prime condition. If none of these elements sound like the roof on your home, it might be worth getting a new one fitted. Talk to a company like All Metal Roofing to get an insight into the materials you should invest in, as well as the best budget for a project like this.

A good roof has a dramatic effect on your house’s curb appeal as well as effortlessly making your home more valuable. Plus it’s always safer to know the age and condition of the roof protecting your home too.


An al fresco dining area is most likely to either be round the back or the side of your home and guaranteed to add good value. An al fresco area is always going to impress anyone coming round for a tour, especially if the area is brand new to use. And as the owner yourself, a dedicated outdoor eating area is a lovely thing for your personal and social life. You can host  a lot more nights, have fun with friends and family eating outside, and simply have somewhere to go when you want to drink or snack in some fresh air. 


Peeling paint or damaged siding can be a true eyesore. If your home currently suffers from either of these issues it is best to repaint or refit. You usually can pull off old siding panels and replace them one by one, if the house has varying levels of disrepair. With paint, it’s easy to just sand down any lumps and bumps and apply a new coat. As far as home projects go, it’s some of the easiest stuff to get done. 

Your property’s exterior is a goldmine for value but often one that is overlooked when making your home more valuable. So make sure you’re treating it right during the renovation phase of moving in or out of a home. 



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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