get ready for a slimming figure with discounted popilush shapewear on black friday 2023


You don’t have to stop going to that party with your friends because you don’t feel good about your appearance. You are already beautiful as you are, you just need to discover a little secret that will change the way you see yourself. Wear shaping bodysuits to enhance your curves naturally and feel more empowered.

Here’s how to structure your waist and increase your personal power so you can look slimmer in a matter of seconds. You will feel like the most beautiful woman at any type of event. Check out some tips now!

popilush shapewear
lace smooth firm control thong bodysuit


This model is delicate as it is made up of full lace. It makes you look more feminine. It softens your waist and back through the lining that holds without squeezing, being very comfortable.

It has cups that contain seamless lining for greater total coverage. It is made with cotton in the lower region and a hook to make your trips to the bathroom easier. It is available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL) and four colors (Black,
Brown, White, Red).

popilush shapewear
built in shapewear slip shine maxi dress


This body shaper for dress gives you a slimmer appearance through the modeling mesh incorporated in the abdomen region that structures your waist. The shine of the fabric is very reminiscent of silk, you might even want to create a look inspired by a trend widely used by some celebrities, which is quiet luxury.

It has a built-in bra with removable cups that provide support for the breasts. Furthermore, it is breathable, as it has lightweight plastic mesh that enhances the beautiful back. It is available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL) and four
colors (Champagne, Black, Sea Blue and Wine).


This Popilush version is perfect for job. It has a good midi length, has long sleeves and a tight fit to the body. Furthermore, the V-neck gives a new look to the bust area and the side slit helps to elongate your figure.

popilush shapewear
built in shapewear ruched long sleeve split midi dress

The highly elastic nylon fabric makes your waist visually slimmer. The side gathered shape helps create a perfect image. The elastic design concentrates and supports your breasts more effectively. It is available in six sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL) and two colors (Black, Wine).


A black friday shapewear with highly elastic fabric can deliver a flat shape for a perfect waist. In addition, it will lift your chest, improve your butt through the thong at the back. Long sleeve provides light control and arm compression.

The round neck can become a V-neck if you unbutton the functional buttons. The fabric contains soft ribs that feel pleasant when in contact with the skin. It is an environmentally friendly fabric for greater awareness of sustainability in fashion. Furthermore, the material absorbs up to 50% more than cotton fabric. It is available in 5 sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL/XXL, 3XL/4XL, 5XL. And three colors: Black, Brown and white.



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