how to take care of your new renovation

take care of your new renovation
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If you’ve just had renovation work done on your home, you’re probably ready to hit the sofa and not get back up again for a week! When you’ve done a lot of DIY, or you’ve lived with builders traipsing in and out of your home, you’re naturally going to want to relax. But before you down tools and luxuriate in the new look of your house, remember how much money you’ve sunk into it. The investments you make in your home last a lot longer when they’re taken care of, and that means doing some in depth tidying up right now. 

So how to take care of your new renovation? Read on for some tips.


Dusting is the backbone of an after-renovation cleanup. It’s the best way to ensure you’ve got the worst of the plaster, sawdust, and everything else off of the floor and into the garbage. But make sure you dust on a regular basis. Renovation work can settle and spew out a bit more debris here and there, and you don’t want anything scratching new wood grain or staining the new furniture you’ve placed. 


Grease splashes in the kitchen are the worst for sinking into the walls and making your home smell, be more likely to grow damp and mould, and ultimately ruin the kitchen renovation work you’ve just had done. If your backsplash doesn’t cover enough of the wall, or you don’t use a dedicated grease remover when cleaning up after dinner, you might want to think about investing in either of these things. You can lose a lot of money to an unstable structure, and you might not even know the brick and plaster are crumbling behind the paint and tiles.


If you’ve had any exterior work done, think about the way the upcoming weather might affect the quality of your renovation. Anything that’s been well made will be able to hold up against a storm, but you’ll still need to lend a hand for longevity. 

Say you’ve had a pool fitted in your backyard. Hiring some professional pool maintenance is the next best thing to do. Getting your filters and vents, as well the water quality seen to, around once a month will mean you can enjoy your pool for years on end. In the meantime, you can easily vacuum it out once a week. 


It’s not just the renovated room that requires your attention. You can add value to the whole of your home if you do a post-reno clean throughout every inch of the house. Not only is it likely that broken bits and pieces have made their way into other rooms, but you’re more likely to discover the worn out corners you’ve never quite noticed before. 

An expensive renovation will need a hefty amount of TLC over the coming years. But as a result, your home could be worth up to 25% more if you do decide to sell one day. So it is definitely worth to take care of your new renovation.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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