tips for an effortless camping holiday

tips for an effortless camping holiday
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Want to go camping but hate the dark, the sound of nature, having to build your own fire, the idea of dangerous wildlife being nearby, a lack of running water, no toilet block, no comfortable bed with blankets, no restaurant quality food, no wifi signal, and little to no activities that don’t involve hiking? 

You’re not alone! Millions of people try out camping and find it’s a little too different from what they’re used to. But that doesn’t mean a camping trip is a waste of time. And if you want to try out camping but find the idea a little intimidating right now, here are some fear busters and tips for an effortless camping holiday to include in your plan. 


Just like you would on a road trip, take someone you know well and trust when you go for an effortless camping holiday. When you’re not alone, you feel much more ready to take on the world – there’s someone there to hold your hand, after all. And if neither of you has much experience in camping, you can find out about it together; if you get something wrong, you can laugh with each other, and feel silly about it without any shame. 


If you’re not sure about your technical prowess in the outdoors, take along some small yet helpful items that’ll keep you going. For example, if you want to start a fire and you’re not confident you’re going to be able to do so with some sticks and a bit of air, take along a lighter or fire lighter blocks for extra fuel. Similarly, if you hate bugs, pack some good bug spray and a bug net in your backpack. 


If you’re thinking of camping more than once, it’s worth it to consider investing in units like hybrid campers, which cross the fine line between camping and staying in a roadside motel. This way you still get access to an indoor secure area (with a bathroom!), where you can lock the door and keep the outside out. However, you can still set up the adjoined tent and spend time actually camping, without needing to buy a separate tent and pegs. 


These are vital tips for an effortless camping holiday. Because if you’re scared of something happening whilst you’re camping, this is essential. It’s a way to check in with yourself when the fear is getting the better of you, in order to bring you down and make your thoughts rational again. For example, if you’re frightened of encountering animals, consider your location. Is this an area certain wildlife is known to frequent? Similarly, is there anything in your camp that could attract them, usually by the smell on the wind? Unless you have unwrapped food sitting out, or you’ve decided to cook in the middle of the night, we can safely say you won’t be visited by anything wild.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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