using the web when you’re stuck for ideas

when you're stuck for ideas
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The web is your best friend for a lot of things these days. But it can be especially useful when when you’re stuck for ideas. From seeing what’s trending to simple entertainment, here are some ways to utilise the web when when you’re stuck for ideas.


The first thing you need to plan for a solo night is what you will be eating. With so many options and apps to help you, this can be a massive decision. Pasta salad, fried chicken, and Asian cuisine are available at the tap of a finger. If it will be a long night, you need something you can go back to, but not stuff yourself. As a compromise, just Google “Pizza Near Me” for something quick, easy, and delicious. You can’t go wrong with a stuffed crust and a movie.


Scrolling and browsing is now a recognized pastime for billions of people. If the web and social media are great for one thing, it’s trending stuff. With a few spare hours at hand and when when you’re stuck for ideas, why not catch up on the latest in fashion, celebrity gossip, and this season’s must-have gadget? Platforms such as Pinterest are great for this. But as you may already know, you can fall into the Pinterest rabbit hole. Be careful, or you may end up losing your entire evening to the demons of the web.


If travel is more your thing, you can’t really go wrong browsing some of the best travel websites the internet has to offer. Perhaps you want to get away soon and be alone. Dreaming of an exotic vacation is an excellent way to spend some alone time. But even if it’s to experience a different culture, a break could be what you need to recharge.


Of course, the web is full of endless entertainment. There is always something you can find with platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. Then, there are streaming channels such as Netflix, Amazon, and Apple+. These offer some great, unique content, from sci-fi and horror to romance and reality TV. Then there is online gaming. Gaming is a massive hobby for billions of people all over the world, and today, you can choose from cozy games such as Disney Dreamlight Valley.


Maybe you don’t really know what to do with the spare time you have. This is where the web shines because you can Google terms such as “what to do with alone time” and get the results you want. Many will suggest the above. But some will also offer ideas for having fun or relaxing at home. For example, there are tons of blogs about creating home spas for the ultimate lazy afternoon or evening. Whatever it is you’re looking for, you’re sure to find ideas somewhere.

In summery, ordering the food you really want is one of the reasons why the web is your best friend when you have some alone time. You could also research some travel ideas while you’re at it. Or browse blogs for inspiration for having a perfectly fun night in or relaxing in style at home.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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