getting back on your feet after sudden loss

getting back on your feet after sudden loss
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Experiencing sudden loss can feel like having the breath knocked out of you, similar to feeling winded. It’s not only tragic but disorienting, and unfortunately, it does happen to people. If you’re going through an experience like this, let us immediately share our sympathies and most sincere wishes.

The truth is that however hard this process is, you will recover and be able to process it. This doesn’t feel all that possible in the first weeks following a sudden loss, however. After all, loss isn’t just about losing someone we care about but having to reorient our entire lives around their absence. In the first few weeks and months after this experience, it’s good to rest in all the help you can get. Relying on your family members, using a trustworthy funeral director service for the most respectful and well-managed goodbye, and asking for help if you need further emotional support is key. But how do you move on from there?

In this post, we’ll discuss a few measures you can use for getting back on your feet after sudden loss, and help you slowly begin to restore your life and mental health back to its natural level.


Routine allows us to manage the best of ourselves. When we take such a sudden turn in life, it’s easy for our natural rhythms to feel entirely out of whack. If you have a routine, you can manage your energies much more effectively, and look to the future with a real sense of optimism. That might sound too good to be true, but the momentum that comes from doing the same things  at the same time, from regular meals to sleeping at the same time to going to the gym regularly, these things allow us to forget planning and free up our thoughts and emotions for processing the difficult event we’ve gone through. You can find real comfort in routine.


You might pick up that old guitar you stopped playing, begin writing in your journal, or start painting. You might take dance classes. You may even spend more time cultivating your garden, not really knowing where to begin but pulling weeds and then heading to the local gardening centre. All of these practices are valid and worthwhile. When you start a creative hobby, you not only have a means of focus to distract from rumination, but you have a means of expressing yourself, be that artistically or physically. That in itself can be inspiring, and help you feel more like yourself.


It’s improper to speak on behalf of a lost loved one, but we can say this, they would absolutely want you to recover and avoid isolating yourself despite your shock. Finding power in community, be that attending your local church (you don’t have to be religious), volunteering for local conservation efforts, heading to community gatherings, these efforts can help you meet more people around you, potentially make better friends, and look to the future with a real sense of confidence. Sometimes, the worst thing possible is to see that lost loved one as the only social connection we had. Unfurling can help you avoid disconnecting, and that in itself is a method of healing.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to get back on your feet, even after sudden and unexpected loss. We send our warmest wishes of support your way.



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Guest - Daring Coco
Guest - Daring Coco

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