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So, you’re in a committed relationship with the person you love. You’ve either planned or enjoyed a lovely proposal that you’re sure to remember for the rest of your life and you’re now engaged. First of all, congratulations! But unfortunately, this is where the hard part happens. Some people love wedding planning. They come into their own and manage to take control of everything.

Not everyone is like this however. Wedding planning can be stressful, expensive, and for some couples it’s the first major test of their relationship. However, you can succeed and, even better, you can get your dream wedding at the end of the day. It all comes down to planning.  So read on for some tips on how to plan your dream wedding.


Money makes the world go round and can cause some wedding plans to come to a grinding halt.

The best way to tackle the money side of things when you need to plan your dream wedding is to hit it head-on and to hit it early. Decide on a reasonable budget as soon as possible and come to an agreement. Some families are willing to foot the wedding bill, but remember that this can come with hidden costs. You don’t always want family members, even well-meaning parents, to have too much control over your wedding. 

Other people take out loans to pay for everything, and some couples are able to pay for everything up-front and start their wedding off without any major debts looming over their heads. The latter option is more difficult now than ever before, but with a modest wedding, it’s still possible. Come up with a maximum number first, then break down the wedding costs into a budget. You might have to change some plans, which is why this is a vital early step.


On a similar note, when you need to plan your dream wedding you need to consider the type of wedding you want. The budget may factor heavily into this wedding. An enormous princess wedding or a destination wedding at a beautiful resort might be wonderful, but these will be your most expensive options. They also aren’t necessarily everyone’s style.

Some people prefer a more understated wedding or a traditional affair with mainly family and close friends invited. Some people enjoy themed or even outdoorsy weddings. Or you might prefer a big party that’s far more casual than your classic wedding. The most important thing is that it suits you as a couple. Again, this is one of those early decisions.


Once you know how many people you want to attend, you should work out who you want to attend. The guest list is one of the most important and sometimes contentious parts of wedding planning. As well as thinking about what you want, you sometimes have to balance the expectations of your family members. 

The guest list can take some time to figure out but try to narrow down the people you need to be at your wedding first and foremost. From there, you can widen the scope and fill out the guest list. Once this is sorted, you can send save-the-date cards and start preparing wedding invitations.


Speaking of wedding invitations and saving the date, this is about the time when you need to determine when and where you’re getting married. The venue has a huge part to play in how many people can attend, as well as the feel of your wedding.

It can also be one of the most painful expenses. Some venues need to be booked months or even years in advance, and you might need to shop around for the ideal venue. It’s a good idea to have an idea in your head about the venue before you look at potential places, but try to be flexible. Sometimes the perfect venue doesn’t exist, or it’s not available when you want to get married.

The venue also determines the food and drinks that your guests will enjoy, so ask the right questions when you’re looking at different options.


These are all the big details you need to know before you can plan everything else, but once they have been set in stone, you can move on to the seemingly little things that make up the wedding itself.

Try not to tackle everything alone when you start to plan your dream wedding. A wedding planner can be incredibly helpful when planning and organizing everything. You can also ask your friends and family to chip in where needed and appropriate, which can save money, time, and stress. Remember, work as a team.



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Guest - Daring Coco

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